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Geely exports over 100,000 vehicles in 2012, sees 164% year on year growth

(People's Daily Online)

13:19, January 07, 2013

Loading of Emgrand vehicles for export.

January 7th, 2012, Hangzhou China. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group set a new export sales record in December with 11,000 cars being exported during the month, which also helped the company increase its export sales over the course of 2012 by 164 percent.

According to figures released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), in the first eleven months of 2012 Chinese self-developed brands exported 470,000 passenger vehicles in total – with automotive manufacturers on average showing a 30 percent sales increase over 2011 figures. From January to December 2012 Geely's export sales reached 100,300 vehicles in total, an increase of 164 percent over 2011's figures, making Geely the second biggest car exporter in China.

Geely's December 2012 sales were pulled forward by a strong showing from the Emgrand series of vehicles. The Emgrand range of vehicles which includes the EC7-RV hatchback, EC7 Compact Sedan and EC8 mid-size sedan proved to be popular models in key markets with export sales of these markets breaching 40,000 units over the course of 2012 and accounting for 40 percent of total export sales, the EC7 series alone sold more than 30,000 units, an increase of over 500 percent in year on year comparison with 2011 export figures.

Over the past few years Geely have continually strived to introduce new products to the market whilst introducing new products to the market, improving its quality management systems and raising its brand profile. Geely has been a leading company in the international market with a strong history of cooperation with international companies. Geely signed a joint venture with the British taxi manufacturer, Maganeze Bronze in 2007 which saw the two companies produce the TX range of taxis in Shanghai which are sold to the local Chinese market and also to international markets including the Middle East, Europe and Central Asia. In 2009 Geely bought the Australian transmission manufacturer, Drivetrain Systems International (DSI) and then in 2010 Geely purchased Volvo Car Corporation from Ford.

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