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Guiyang: Reshaping a Life Full of Sunshine (11)

(People's Daily Online)

15:39, January 04, 2013

In order to ensure the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of the construction of the "Sunshine Project", Guiyang City paid focused attention on the detailed tasks at grass-root level, to constantly establish and improve the working mechanisms. In order to activate the community “cells” and strengthen community-based drug rehabilitation management, Guiyang City requires all Narcotics Control Offices of the county level to strengthen their coordination with "Sunshine Enterprises", dispatch specific person to participate in the routine management of the enterprises, establish and improve a joint management mechanism participated by all townships (towns), street committees, and relevant departments to provide the community-based rehab patients with services in respects of drug rehabilitation, medical treatment, labor, training, employment, living, etc. Working mechanisms have been established such as the joint meeting mechanism to regularly convene joint meetings, report on the working situation, exchange working experience, understand the progress of the construction of the “Sunshine Project”, grasp the trends, promote the development of the tasks, and fundamentally collaborate in the construction of the “Sunshine Project” and ensure its smooth advancement.

Further, Guiyang City is stepping up the efforts to formulate and issue implementation opinions on the establishment of a high quality full-time professional staff for the community-based drug rehabilitation work in accordance with the requirements of the Provincial Narcotics Control Commission so as to regulate the hiring, training, management, and guarantee of such a full-time staff, which will play an important role in the community-based detoxification rehabilitation work.

In order to deepen the construction of the “Sunshine Project”, all levels of anti-drug departments in Guiyang City aim at increasing the effectiveness of the enterprises, increase the income of the employees, and allow them to not only totally get rid of drugs but also become useful talents. The anti-drug departments follow the principles of “law-abiding, integrity, dedication, diligence, hard-working, gratefulness, and contribution”, adopt the "three-in-one” management mode comprised of the Narcotics Control Office, the Justice Department, and the Association for the Handicapped, which there departments respectively take responsibilities for the organization and management of community-based rehab patients, recovered addicts, rectifying objects, released people from prison and labor camp, and the handicapped. A joint meeting system was established that requires the participation of various relevant departments to solve difficulties and problems in the three aspects including community-based rehab, community-based rectification, and services for the handicapped. These efforts will raise the management and service level regarding the special groups and ensure the sustainable advancement of the innovative practice.

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