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Guiyang: Reshaping a Life Full of Sunshine (8)

(People's Daily Online)

15:39, January 04, 2013

Various levels of Party Committees and governments of Guiyang City reached consensus during the construction of the “Sunshine Project” that the implementation of the drug rehabilitation work requires adherence to the principles of “people-oriented”, “scientific rehabilitation”, "comprehensive rectification”, and “care and assistance” because drug prohibition, detoxification, and rehabilitation are all human-related work that requires the firmly establishment of the concept of love and care for the special group especially the drug addicts since they more direly need it.

"The drug addicts also need social sympathy and care. Besides staff input, the more important task is to build a transitional platform between the drug treatment center and the society, to create conditions for the addicts to return to the society in terms of psychological, physiological, and skills. These efforts will also greatly reduce the frequency of public order cases,” said Song Zeqin, an official at the Narcotics Control Office of Yunyan District.

Family affection and care is an important part in the assistance for the drug rehab patients to return to society. The family members of many patients are willing to cooperate in the assistance and education work for the rehab patients. Some gave up high-paying jobs and valuable time to come here and work together with the patients, putting on stage one after another toughing stories of family caring.

Tu, 23-year-old, is a sensible and well-behaved girl. Unfortunately, both her parents got addicted to drugs. When she learned that Yunyan District is establishing a placement base, she voluntarily gave up her job at a telecommunications company in order to accompany her mother to to to work in the base. As for now, the mother would wake up the daughter as the first thing every day and tells her about the situation in the factory before going to work; and they do housework together after work. Because they can now support themselves, and can often talk with companions and the cadres, her mother said: “My mind is at ease!” Tu is so pleased to see the changes in her mother and expects a happy and bright future of her family life.

According to the description of many staff members at the “Sunshine Project” placement location, many rehab patients used to smoke, come late for work and leave early, have a bad temper, and were in a relatively poor physical and mental condition. In this regard, the staff patiently conducted education and psychological counseling on the patients, as well as developed a code of conduct to rectify their living habits from the details. As for now, generally no one asks for leave from work unless in usual circumstances. Because of the adoption of the piecework wage system and the monthly appraisals for production pacesetters, some even volunteer to work overtime at weekends.

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