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Guiyang: Reshaping a Life Full of Sunshine (9)

(People's Daily Online)

15:39, January 04, 2013

The kindness, care, and various forms of resources opened for the rehab patients paved a road of sunshine for them to solve the employment problem, raise consolidation rate, become self-reliant, and reintegrate into the society.

The multiple measures, strengthened guarantee, and improved mechanism ensured the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of the “Sunshine Project”.

It is difficult for everyone to find a job, not to mention for the drug addicts. Therefore, the government should launch special policies, the society should give the addicts special care and love. Without these, this special group can hardly be stabilized, the society can hardly be stabilized, and it would be a mere fantasy for the addicts to return and integrate to the society.

Various levels of governments in Guiyang City have established leadership teams and formed a level by level working pattern in accordance with the general concept of “guidance by the Party Committee, responsibility by the government, coordination among various departments, and participation of the whole society” to lead, organize, coordinate, and promote the construction of the “Sunshine Project”. The employment and placement problem of the rehab patients is solved through multiple approaches including concentrated placement, scattered placement, encouragement for self-employment, and public welfare jobs, etc. Only by doing well the work of drug rehab with the “Sunshine Project” as the carrier, to enable the drug addicts to thoroughly get rid of drug addiction, can be problem be solved from the root, and the vicious circle of “addiction-treatment-relapse-retreatment” be cracked and a virtuous circle be realized.

Starting from the establishment of new regulations and systems, Guiyang City formulated the Work Program for Community-Based Drug Detoxification and Rehabilitation “Sunshine Project” in Guiyang City, to incorporate the placement of rehab patients in all communities throughout the city into the priority agenda of various levels of Party Committees and governments, incorporate the needed funds into various levels of financial budgets, clarify the responsibilities and tasks of various relevant organs, and provide guarantee in terms of funds and human resource for the placement of the community-based rehab patients.

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