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Guiyang: Reshaping a Life Full of Sunshine (4)

(People's Daily Online)

15:39, January 04, 2013

In the “four-in-one” drug rehab mode, job placement is the key. A caring workplace is beneficial for the drug treatment and rehabilitation patient to regain their self-recognition and self-esteem.

The difficult problems in community-based treatment and rehabilitation work must be solved before the work can achieve tangible results. These problems including the difficulty for the patients to return to society, the difficulty for the patients to find employment, the difficulty in consolidating the detox achievements, and the difficulty in managing the drug addicts. Among these, job placement is the most difficult. Employment is the root for the people’s livelihood. The solution of the problem of job placement will create conditions and bases for cracking other problems.

In order to effectively help the drug addicts to get rid of the vicious cycle of "drug addiction, forcible treatment, relapse, and forcible treatment again", to let them successfully return to family and society, and to minimize the factors of social disharmony, Guiyang City firmly grasps the root of the people’s livelihood, i.e., "job placement" and actively explores new approaches in the management, assistance, employment, education, rescue, and society inclusion of the rehab patients, and has created the “four-in-one” new node of community-based drug treatment and rehab mode that integrates the aspects of “physical withdrawal”, "psychological recovery", “job placement”, and “social conclusion”. The city improved the new mechanism in community-based rehabilitation work that systematically integrates detoxification and treatment, guidance in rehabilitation, education and rescue, skills training, service and management, etc., established “Sunshine Enterprises” placement bases that cover the whole city, created a series of “Sunshine” brand enterprises, and adopted multiple forms, multiple channels, and multiple approaches including scattered placement, self-employment, etc. to maximum the employment rate of the community-based rehab patients.

Cui Yadong, member of the Standing Committee, secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, and director of the Public Security Department of Guizhou Province said, job placement is the key in the “four-in-one” drug rehab new mode. At present, it is difficult for anyone to find a job, not to mention for the drug addiction patients. Faced with social discrimination, aloofness from relatives, the patients are easily seduced to the relapse road because they can’t feel the care from the society and their families. Therefore, the “Sunshine Project” which centers on job placement provided a platform for the drug rehabilitation patients to regain their self-recognition and self-esteem, eliminated the social discrimination against them, embodied their value, strengthened their confidence in life, effectively solved the problem for the patients to return and integrate to the society, consolidated their detoxification achievements, and promoted social harmony. The “Sunshine Project” is a solution that cures the root of the problems in the people’s livelihood.

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