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Guiyang: Reshaping a Life Full of Sunshine (3)

(People's Daily Online)

15:39, January 04, 2013

Yunyan District of Guiyang City adopted a mode that integrates the guidance of government, the participation of enterprises, and market operation, and created a "Sunshine Employment Production Base" - Guizhou Sunshine Electronics Factory. This is an employment platform that integrates productive labor, drug rehabilitation, restoration of confidence in life, and assistance in returning to society. At present, a total of 352 community-based rehab patients are placed in the factory to engage in electronic components production, so that they can enter the track of normal life. The enterprise implements the piecework incentive system. The worker's monthly base wage is 830 yuan, and the total wage can get up to more than 2,000 yuan.

June 14, 2011, Meng Jianzhu, member of the State Council, director of the National Narcotics Control Commission, and Minister of Public Security visited Sunshine Electronics Factory, and held talks with drug rehab patients to understand their mental journey from detox to employment. Meng went into the production workshop and asked with concern about the work schedules and income situation of the workers. After learning the positive changes of the patients in physiology, psychology, life attitude, family conditions, and other aspects, Meng Jianzhu praised the rehab patients for their determination and courage in getting rid of the drugs and regaining the confidence in life, and encouraged them to overcome difficulties by virtue of their own hard work and the care of the Party and the government as well as relatives and society, and to reshape a life full of sunshine. He also spoke highly of the enterprises for their awareness of social responsibility in repaying the society and helping the disadvantaged groups.

Meng said, the “three-in-one” drug rehab mode supplemented by the factor of “employment” forms a “four-in-one” working mode to rescue the rehab patients. The Sunshine Production Base did a good job by adhering to the people-oriented and scientific detox principle and humane management. It provided a platform for the rehab patients to regain self-recognition and self-respect, eliminated the discrimination on them from the society, embodied their value, and strengthened their confidence in life. This practice not only consolidated the rehab achievements of the patients but also promoted social harmony, and represents a useful exploration in social administration and innovation.

August 13, 2012, Guizhou Provincial Party Secretary Zhao Kezhi visited “Huyang Fashion Factory”, a Sunshine Placement Base in Nanming District. He held kindly conversation with the rehab patients and showed concern for their production, living, and rehab situation. Zhao fully affirmed the rehab concept raised by Nanming District that shows respect for the rehab patients’ personality, get emotionally close to them, care about their living conditions, and provide assistance for their employment. “Huyang Fashion Factory” accepted more than 50 rehab patients from the community to engage in garment production, which not only helps them solve employment problems but also helps them undergo physical and psychological treatment, so they are better able to return to society. Zhao said: to show concern and care is the important content in strengthening and innovating in social administration of the special group. The “Sunshine Project” in Guiyang City not only consolidated drug treatment outcomes, but also expanded employment opportunities, and promoted social harmony. Its experience should be conscientiously summarized and promoted. He encouraged drug rehabilitation patients to rely on the care of the Party and the government, relatives, and the society, and their own strong will and hard effort, strengthen their confidence, overcome the difficulties, and re-live a life full of sunshine.

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