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Guiyang: Reshaping a Life Full of Sunshine (5)

(People's Daily Online)

15:39, January 04, 2013

Liu, 46-year-old, is one of the community-based rehab patients accepted for employment in the first batch. She is now responsible for quality control of the leaving-factory products. Liu is honored as one of production pacesetters of the Sunshine Electronics Factory. She is full of confidence when talking about the future life. But before working here, she looked totally different.

In 1994, Liu accidentally got addicted to drugs. As a result, her family was broken, and the original promising business that she owned gradually went from bad to worse. She relied on the drugs to get rid of the hollow feeling and sank deeper and deeper. In 2004, she received a three-month forcible treatment. “It had good effect at the time. But after I went home, I had nothing to do, and felt empty and inferior. So I repeatedly took drugs in secret,” she said. Later, she worked for a private boss for a period of time. After the other people knew about her drug-using experience, she lost her job.

When the staff from the local Narcotics Control Officers visited her home, Liu proposed that she wanted to work. After filling in the application and going through the screening, she was admitted into the "Sunshine Employment Production Base". "By the end of this year, I will have been free of drugs for three years. The normal work has gradually eliminated my inferiority complex, and my family members no longer have to worry about me," Said Liu.

According to statistics, the average monthly wage of the employees in Guiyang anti-drug "Sunshine Project" enterprises is 1,200 yuan. In addition, they are granted with free methadone therapy, and some receive subsidies for traveling expenses. The employees set their mind at peace by working here, effectively promoting the rehab patients in returning to the society.

A set of standardized management systems are formulated in all “Sunshine Enterprises”, "Sunshine Homes", and "Sunshine Bases", providing a god working environment for the rehab patients.

According to the presentation of the Narcotics Control Office of Guiyang City, the anti-drug "Sunshine Project" implements performance pay system in production, carries out skills competition, improves the management of the workshop and various teams and shifts level by level as well as the self-management of the rehab patients, gradually establishes and improves the legal education, codes of conduct, ethics, dedication education, and other education and management systems, sets up the “Study Blackboard”, "Employees’ Home", "List of Advanced Workers" and other management vehicles, regularly organizes healthy and positive sports activities, sets up methadone moving station, and has ensured the healthy and sustainable operation of the "employment base".

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