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Guiyang: Reshaping a Life Full of Sunshine (6)

(People's Daily Online)

15:39, January 04, 2013

At the same time, the Narcotics Control Office dispatches staff members to participate in the education and safety management of the rehab patients, regularly organizes mass organizations, neighborhoods, communities, and families to visit the rehab patients in the base, as well as organizes skills exchanges, ideological learning, and sports activities among the workers, to continuously improve their operational capacity.

Currently, Guiyang City has invested a total of 14,035,400 yuan funds into the “Sunshine Project”, including 4.5 million yuan input by the provincial and municipal financial departments and a total of 9,535,400 yuan input by subordinate counties / cities / districts. The “Sunshine Project” adopts an approach that integrates the guidance of the government, the participation of the enterprises, and the management of various departments, and adheres to the management concept of care, encouragement, reasonability, and thoughtfulness, to allow the rehab patients find self-confidence and ease of mind while working in the Sunshine Enterprises. At the same time, Job Placement Practices of Guiyang City for the Special Population (trial implementation) was drafted, to provide preferential support for the employment of the special population including rehab patients, release prisoners, released people from the labor camp, and community rectifying people in terms of taxes, social insurance subsidies, job training subsidies, financial incentives, social relief, and so on. Various subordinate districts (cities, counties) also launched implementation opinions and relevant matching measures in accordance with the 108th file of the provincial government and the 122nd file of the municipal government, to strengthen the services and management in the Sunshine Enterprises, as well as launched a series of policies to provide financial awards, reduce charges, and support production of the Sunshine Enterprises, to adopt multiple channels and approaches for the placement of the community-based rehab patients as suitable in accordance with the local conditions. The first and most important method is concentrated placement, with “Sunshine Enterprises” as carrier, for the employment of the community-based rehab patients. Yunyan District created "Sunshine employment production base has accumulated centralized placement employment of 352 people, Qingzhen City created the" Sunshine Home "accommodate 220 passengers has accumulated employment Nanming District Huyang Fashion Factory sun resettlement base" accumulated resettlement community drug treatment community rehabilitation personnel 338 people; The Baiyun District has set the job placement base of "Harmony House sunlight concentration", focus on job placement by the Guizhou Aluminum cumulative job placement for 220 passengers. Concentrated placement locations under the "Sunshine Project" in other districts (cities, countries) are also being constructed in a tight and orderly manner. The second approach is the scattered placement. For communities with a lower number of rehab patients, and unconformable to the conditions for concentrated placement, the relevant departments of the governmental organizations carry out skills training on the community-based rehab patients and actively recommend them to enterprises, institutions, individual and private business for employment. The third approach is placement through self-employment. The government provides market information, small secured loans, and other supports to encourage the community-based rehab patients to start small businesses, small workshops, small shops, small hotels, etc. The fourth approach is through the development of public welfare jobs. Some districts (cities, counties) accept eligible community-based rehab patients while arranging public welfare jobs such as street cleaners, assistant traffic police, etc. As of the end of August 2012, a total of 571 community-based rehab patients have been paced in a concentrated manner throughout the city.

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