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Guiyang: Reshaping a Life Full of Sunshine (10)

(People's Daily Online)

15:39, January 04, 2013

The government and the enterprises joined hands to build a solid foundation for the "Sunshine Employment Bases". "Responsibility by the government and coordination by the society” are the important content in innovative social administration works. Qingzhen City issued the Temporary Methods of Qingzhen City on Preferential Support for Those Subject to Assistance and Education in Anti-Drug Work to promote the construction of the "Sunshine Employment Base" and implemented supportive policies for enterprises where rehab patients account for a a certain proportion of the total number of employees. These policies cover the aspects of projects, loans, discounts, fees, taxes, water, power, land, housing, formalities, services, etc. to ensure the enterprises are able to start businesses legally and operate legally. So far, a total of over 500,000 yuan tax relief has been granted, over 500,000 loans have been coordinated, over 60,000 yuan of interest subsidies on loans have been realized, more than 100,000 yuan of Methadone treatment costs have been deducted, and other supports in terms of plant buildings and land have been granted for Sunshine electrical factories, gravel factories, pig farms, restaurants, and other forms of self-employment so as to encourage enterprises to accept community-based rehab patients to the greatest possible extent. At present, a total of 366 community-based rehab patients were placed, accounting for 54% of the total number of the community-based rehab patients in the city. Ding, one of the community-based rehab patients, passionately made a plaque embroidered with the characters of “Great Love Has No Boundaries” to express his gratitude for the Party Committee and the government.

At the same time, Guiyang City actively organizes the relevant departments to carry out "Sunshine Project" skill trainings for the community-based rehab patients at locations not meeting the conditions for concentrated placement, and actively recommend patients to enterprises, institutions, individual and private small businesses for work. In particular, for community-based rehab patients who have skills in some area and have the ability to start their own businesses, the city encourages them to start “Sunshine Project” small businesses, small workshops, small shops, small hotels, and other forms of self-employment.

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