International cooperation helps rescue efforts in Türkiye

(People's Daily Online) 17:54, February 10, 2023

The Blue Sky Rescue team carry out rescue missions in Malatya, Türkiye. (Photo provided by the Blue Sky Rescue team)

The first squad from China’s Blue Sky Rescue (BSR) team was the first international assistance force to enter Malatya, Türkiye, arriving at the camp there on Feb. 9 local time.

The squad was divided into seven groups, equipped with life detectors and other rescue facilities, and rushed to different work sites.

The dispatched team had kept close contact with the Turkish Embassy in China and Türkiye's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) before leaving, according to He Qingrong, liaison officer of the international department of the BSR.

He said that they also learned that the volunteer forces there are composed of local Chinese, Turks who had studied in China and Chinese students from the Confucius Institute.

“Before our first team arrived, a 30-member translation group had already been waiting at the airport for a day,” He added. With the help of local volunteers, we efficiently overcame any language difficulties.

“It’s the first time that we completely addressed problems caused by language. Once they are smoothly handled, all other issues will be much easier. As soon as we reached the rescue site, we got a full picture of what was going on here in just ten minutes,” He said.

The BSR team will continue the rescue work over the next dozen days, the liaison officer noted.

The second group of BSR team members is expected to depart on Feb. 11 (Beijing Time). 


(Web editor: Chang Sha, Wu Chengliang)


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