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People Oriented, Scientific Rehabilitation and Comprehensive Treatment to Solve Problems

(People's Daily Online)

16:33, January 07, 2013

By Cui Yadong (member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee, secretary of the Commission of Politics and Law, director of Guizhou Provincial Drug Control Commission, and chief of the Public Security Department)

Drugs, AIDS, and terrorism are the three major hazards to the human society, and serious social problems troubling nearly all the countries in the world, posing serious threats to the survival of human beings and the social development. Drug prohibition is a global major task.

Guizhou is one of the provinces that are harmed by drugs more seriously.

Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and government attach great importance to drug control, adhere to the principles of “emphasizing on prevention with comprehensive treatment, and prohibiting planting, producing, trafficking and abusing drugs,” and abide by the working rules of drug control based on the practical situations in Guizhou. By summarizing and learning from the previous drug control experience and lessons, Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and government have explored and created a new mode for community-based drug control rehabilitation and recovery with “job placement” as the core and “sunshine enterprises” as the carrier, featuring physical detoxification, physical and mental recovery, job placement, and integration into the society, which has effectively reduced the relapse rate among drug rehabilitation and recovery personnel and solved the difficulty in consolidating drug rehabilitation results and the problem of high relapse rate.

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※ Part II: Drug hazards

※ Part III: Difficulties in drug rehabilitation

※ Part IV: “Sunshine Project” ---A way of solving problems in drug control


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