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Anshun City: for the Sunshine of the Waterfall County

(People's Daily Online)

15:00, January 04, 2013

Early in the morning, the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful in Sunshine Mnova Electronics Co., Ltd. in Xixiu District, Anshun City. In the bright and clean workshop, a group of employees dressed in blue overalls are attentively and carefully assembling small electronic components at the side of several rows of tidily arranged worktables which are covered with smooth glass plates.

Sunshine Mnova Industrial Co., Ltd. was jointly established by the Narcotics Control Commission of Xixiu District and Shenzhen Mnova Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2011 as the second “Sunshine Project” base in Xixiu District for placement of community-based drug rehabilitation patients. Zhou Min, 30-year-old, is one of the many ordinary employees of the Company who have benefited from the “Sunshine Project” implemented by Guizhou Province. The project centers around “job placement”, integrates the four aspects of “physical withdrawal”, “psychological recovery”, “job placement”, and “social inclusion”, and has enabled Zhou Min and many other drug rehab patients to go to work again and regain confidence in life.

Sunny working posts enhanced the confidence of the rehab patients to lead a new life

Labor forms a person and in a certain sense can reform a person. Drugs make a person into a “ghost”; the “Sunshine Project” enables the drug addict to return from a “ghost” to a normal person again. Physical withdrawal is easy, but psychological recovery and social inclusion are hard. To achieve this, the drug addicts must be provided with the opportunity of labor, that is to say, to let them find employment. The “Sunshine Project” grasped the core of the problem by centering on “job placement”.

Zhou Min was sent to the drug rehabilitation center for forcible detoxification in 2004. After leaving the center, she felt utterly un-accepted by the society whenever she remembered the drug using experience. She tried some temporary jobs, but none of these lasted long due to the drug using experience. Zhou Min said, every time she felt downhearted, she would give in to the temptation and relapse once and again, and go through the painful suffering once and again. She said: “if I was given a change for a new choice, I would do anything to stay away from drugs. I would say ‘no’ to drugs with determination!” Zhou Min was determined to get rid of drugs and find a new life. The last time when she left the drug rehabilitation center, the community committee visited her and talked to her, asking what difficulties she was facing. She said she wanted to work. The community committee contacted the relevant departments and in the end sent Zhou Min to Sunshine Mnova Electronics Co., Ltd. in Xixiu District through the assistance of Xixiu District Narcotics Control Office.

As for now, Zhou Min stands in front of us, her face looks ruddy, and she tells her past and present to us with a clear voice. It is hard to imagine that she was once a person tortured by drugs. Zhou Min was now the leader of the production quality team of the company and the production technology backbone, responsible for the inspection of the components produced every day. She earns over 1,300 yuan each month and her biggest wish now is to work harder and let her parents and her child to live a peaceful and stable life.

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