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Anshun City: for the Sunshine of the Waterfall County (3)

(People's Daily Online)

15:04, January 04, 2013

Chen is a capable and experienced guy from Jiangxi Province. After hearing the presentation of the “Sunshine Project”, he cheerfully expressed that he would like to give great support to the project. Chen said “only social stability can guarantee our development today and in the future. The people rehabilitated from drugs are at the same time victims. I will be happy to provide them with a platform to return to the society through their own abilities.”

Chen carried out job skills training for these new personnel of the company and first arranged some minor manual labor for them to collaborate in completing the work. After proficiency, they can also participate in operating the large mechanical equipment. They can have their tasks assessed together with those of other employees, rest in the same room, and ride the same company bus to and from work, gradually finding the feeling of “being recognized”.

Li Jun, a mechanic in the company, was awarded the honorary title of “Sunshine Project Excellent Staff Member” issued by the Provincial Narcotics Control Commission this year. Li said: “Before coming here, I changed several jobs in a row. The kind of feeling of isolation makes me feel very depressed. I lost hope in life. But since last September when I became an employee in Runyuanjia Composite Materials Co., Ltd., I have regained the confidence for starting a new life.”

Chen Xiyi said: “The Company does not carry out special treatment on the special group. I think that the meaning of this statement is that we can not isolate them, and can not discriminate against them. More importantly, they must be treated in the same way as the former employees in all other aspects in accordance with the standards formulated by the company. So that when one day they left Runyuanjia Composite Materials Co., Ltd., they can easily integrate into the society like a normal person.”

These nearly 50 anti-drug rehab patients are now fully adapted to the system and rhythm of the company and incorporated into the monthly assessment system along with other employees. They enjoy equal pay for equal work.” After the all-around spread of the “Sunshine Project” throughout the province, various places in Anshun City are combining with their actual situations and actively contacting and communicating with the relevant enterprises to select practical production projects to accelerate the construction of “Sunshine Project” placement bases (locations) and to transform the special group of drug addicts to the greatest possible extent.

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