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Anshun City: for the Sunshine of the Waterfall County (2)

(People's Daily Online)

15:04, January 04, 2013

She can now walk on the street with pride and dignity, and a lot more confidence than in the past. “The neighbors would take the initiative to say hello to me, which I dared not imagine in the past.” Zhou Min frankly stated her feelings and said “the best way to get rid of drugs is to have a job. All the employees placed in the Sunshine Company are rehab patients. With a job, the income for livelihood is no longer a problem to them. More importantly, there is no discrimination here and everybody works optimistically and happily.”

The rescue of each drug addict means the rescue of a family, the addition of harmonious factor, and the solution of the possible social contradiction. Thanks to the “Sunshine Project”, the rehab patients in the community can have a job, have something to do, have a stable place to stay, have a resort for help in difficulties, find treatment when ill, and have someone to care for their physical and mental health, who would help them thoroughly get rid of the physical and psychological dependence on drugs, and really integrate and return to the society to live and work like a normal person.

One after another group of “Sunshine Enterprises” helps paving the “Sunshine Road”.

Drug detoxification and rehabilitation work is a systematic project and needs the participation of the entire society. Under the circumstance of huge employment pressure faced by the entire society, many entrepreneurs with a strong sense of social responsibility actively join the “Sunshine Project” and participate in the practice of laying a “Sunshine road” for rehab patients.

Chen Xiyi is a 50-year-old businessman from Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. Before moving to Anshun City for investment, he never would have thought of becoming attached to the “Sunshine Project” and even less to have thought of earning the title of an Outstanding Entrepreneur of the “Sunshine Project” of Guizhou Province.

Chen established Runyuanjia Composite Materials Co., Ltd. in Anshun Developmnet Zone, Guizhou Province with an investment of 20 million yuan in 2009. After two years’ development, the company gradually expanded in production scale and direly needed more employees. When the “Sunshine Project” Office and the Narcotics Control Office of the Development Zone got this information they took the initiative to visit Chen Xiyi and negotiated with him for taking in some of the rehab patients.

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