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Anshun City: for the Sunshine of the Waterfall County (4)

(People's Daily Online)

15:04, January 04, 2013

“Sunshine Enterprises” carry out open, humane management on the staff by paying special attention to the rehab patients as a special group while managing them as ordinary employees, and providing them with sound security in terms of livelihood and medical care. In addition, they are allowed to participate in the production and operation management of the enterprises, forming an atmosphere of solidarity, mutual aid, trust, and harmony. The workgroup of Community-based drug detoxification and rehabilitation tasks extended the management function, drug detection, methadone maintenance therapy, assistance and aid, and vocational skills training to the “Sunshine Enterprises” and helped to improve the assisting role of the enterprises.

Policies and measures that provide strong support for the “Sunshine Project”

The past practice of helping community-based drug rehab patients is to arrange employment for them through the establishment of factories of a public welfare nature, which solves the manifestation of the problem but not the root. For one thing, the country and the government have to spend a lot of money to subsidize these enterprises in long term, likely to cause less competitiveness and difficulty for the development of these enterprises; for another, the rehab patients are still an isolated group working in such companies, and still have a sense of gap from the social reality, and still can not feel acceptance from the society.

After the implementation of the “Sunshine Project”, governments at various levels in Anshun City formulated preferential policies to give support to the placement enterprises in terms of financial subsidies, market development, fee waiver, etc. to enable these enterprises to obtain the “win-win” effectiveness of economic benefits and social benefits and not to regard the placement of rehab patients as a burden but as a spontaneous behavior. Through the smooth implementation of the “Sunshine Project”, the vast majority of enterprises take the initiative to arrange employment for drug rehab patients, which is more effective than simply granting subsidy funds.

Wu Kunyuan, although more than 60 years old, established Kunyuan Labor Protection Articles Factory in Puding County in 2011 and helped place some disabled people. In 2012, Puding County Narcotics Control Commission visited him and talked about the employment and placement issue. Wu Kunyuan thought that it was a good deed. He immediately renamed the factory to “Sunshine Kunyuan Labor Protection Articles Factory” and at once enjoyed full amount of tax refund subsidies. Puding County provided free lunch meal for the drug rehab patients placed in the “Sunshine Enterprises” and planned certain area to provide operating posts dedicated for the handicapped during the construction of the “Sunshine Enterprises”, on which basis tax relief was granted in accordance with the relevant provisions for employment of the disabled people. At present, the total number of “Sunshine Project” employees placed in the factory has reached more than 70. The wage system for every employee in the factory is base wage 900 yuan per month plus piecework wages. The workers take turn to rest for 4 days each month and enjoy such benefits as paid wedding and funeral holidays, free room and board, social old-age insurance, etc., subject to labor employment contract.

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