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Anshun City: for the Sunshine of the Waterfall County (5)

(People's Daily Online)

15:04, January 04, 2013

In order to ensure the smooth development of the “Sunshine Project”, the municipal finance department of Anshun City input special funds of 2 million yuan in 2012, while the financial departments of various counties and districts input 7,920,900 yuan and decided to supplement the funds at appropriate time according to the actual needs so as to provide necessary organizational security and funding insurance for the project. The municipal government of Anshun city also formulated incentive policies to grant lump-sum supportive funds of 300,000 yuan to “Sunshine Enterprises” with placement scale of above 100 rehab patients and 150,000 yuan to those with placement scale of 50-100 patients. Various counties / districts combine with their local conditions and take multiple approaches to support the “Sunshine Enterprises” such as coordination to help solve land occupation problem of “Sunshine Enterprises” factory buildings, full amount tax refund as subsidies for the enterprises, subsidy wages for the employees, handling of minimum riving security system for eligible rehabilitation employees in “Sunshine Enterprises”, provision of small discount loans, etc.

Through the construction of the “Sunshine Project”, the relapse rate of addicts in Anshun City was significantly reduced, the consolidation rate significantly improved, drug-induced social security problems effectively curbed, new addicts growth rate significantly decreased, and the “Sunshine Project” achieved initial success. As of the end of August 2012, Anshun City has built a total of 9 “Sunshine Project” placement bases (locations), capable of settling 752 rehab patients, and has currently achieved the concentrated placement of 460 drug rehab patients. Another 808 people were placed throughout the city through the methods such as concentrated placement, scattered placement, starting their own businesses, individual job hunting, etc.

Practice shows that the construction of the “Sunshine Project” is an effective measure to crack the three major problems in community-based detoxification and rehabilitation tasks including the high relapse rate, the low consolidation rate, and difficult management and control. Anshun City will continue to explore the road of “Sunshine Project” construction to make the magnificent waterfall township become sunnier and more beautiful.

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