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Escape from education for test (3)

(People's Daily Online)

08:14, January 07, 2013

Most of the parents of these seven families have higher education background. Generally the mother accompanies the child here in the countryside and the father earns money in the city to support the family.

But the parents all admit that they don't know how far they can go along this road of "self-running" school but will "take one step at a time".

Some parents also admit that they have already felt their own lack of knowledge after more than two months of teaching, and are trying to make up for the inadequacy through the Internet and reading books.

Feng Guilin, head of the Institute of Sociology of Hubei Provincial Academy of Social Sciences said the choice of these parents is a silent revolt via actual action against the current school education mode.

Regarding the parents who "would rather make the children their own experiment object than sacrificial lamb of school education," society passes both criticism and praise on their practices. But the education philosophy demonstrated by their behavior and tutoring practice is worth pondering for the schools.

Feng Guilin said the current examination-oriented education mode suppresses a child's innocence and personality.

But Feng also said that the children cannot always be "hermits" and that the possibility whether they can successfully "dock" with social life is still to be tested through time.

(Names of the parents and children in this article are all aliases.)

Read the Chinese version: 武汉七个家庭“桃花源”式教育引争议; Source: China Youth Daily;Author:Liao Jun and Li Jinfeng

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