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Escape from education for test (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:14, January 07, 2013

"Many people think that education means going to school and taking exams. But we think the best education is to let the children work and study together with their parents."

"Stay away from the pollution and bustle in the city, protect the child's innate disposition, give them as much freedom as possible, and accompany them in their study and growth: these are the life we want to provide our children with," said one mother.

The parents said that the reason they gave up the existing school education is that they do not want their children to repeat the indoctrination education mode.

Zhou Quan, one of the parents said her first 20 years of life was comprised of nothing more than attending classes and taking exams. She brought her child to the countryside to teach the child herself just not to let the child repeat her story by regarding the scores as the only goal.

In their view, the children do not need to obtain a diploma to acquire abilities. They believe that under their new mode of education their children will know what they want and find their suitable positions in the future.

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