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Continuous Development and “Sunshine Project” Promotion (2)

(People's Daily Online)

19:40, January 06, 2013

Basic implications of the sustainable development of the “Sunshine Project” for community-based drug rehabilitation and recovery

Starting from the systematic project of drug control to think about, arrange collectively, and plan the long-term development of the “Sunshine Project” based on the concept of sustainable development, we can conclude that the sustainable development of the “Sunshine Project” should have the following three implications:

Firstly, the legal system of the “Sunshine Project” should be sustainable. In the long term, without the support of legal orientation and policy institutionalization, the “Sunshine Project” for community-based drug rehabilitation and recovery can not get rid of the superficiality of human relationships due to leadership changes and likes and dislikes of leaders. Therefore, the institutionalization of laws and policies is the system premise for the sustainable development of the “Sunshine Project” for community-based drug rehabilitation and recovery.

Secondly, the governance mode of the “Sunshine Project” should be sustainable. As the government has limited capability and resources in terms of finance, human resources, and technology, the traditional social management model almost fully taken charge by the government is not only unsustainable in the increasingly complex moder economic society, but also cannot achieve good social effects. The development practices of the “Sunshine Project” show that guided by the government, the social problems triggered by drug addicts can be solved more effectively by depending on the power of enterprises and various sectors of the society. In this way, the coordinative public governance model, guided by the government and participated by enterprises, nonprofit organizations, and communities, is an effective operation model for sustainable development.

Thirdly, the public opinion for the “Sunshine Project” should be sustainable. Conducting rug control and helping drug rehabilitation and recovery personnel return to the society is an undertaking benefiting the country and the public, so it should be vigorously supported. In the promotion of the “Sunshine Project,” while providing special policy support and increasing resource investments, the government should also enhance the publicity for the project, to make the whole society support and understand it. This is the social foundation for the “Sunshine Project” to obtain sustainable public opinion.

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