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Self-owned brands account for 11% of total exports (2)

By Li Yuyang (China Economic Net)

14:31, November 27, 2012

The export of self-owned brands grows quickly in China. (Photo/Xinhua)

The export of self-owned brands grows quickly in China.

It is known that presently the self-owned brands have occupied the leading role in the field of auto export in China. The top 10 self-owned brand auto enterprises like Chery and Geely exported 673,000 cars in 2011, accounting for 79 percent of the total auto export in China. In the 12th Chile Santiago International Auto Show this year, the Chinese self-owned brand auto enterprises such as Chery, Great Wall and BYD appeared together and attracted wide attention in the international auto industry. According to the statistics by Asociacion Nacional Automotriz de Chile A G, the sales of China Great Wall Auto exceeded the one of international famous brands like Volkswagen and Renault in this August.

Besides the auto industry, we can also find self-owned brands in other export fields like large mechanical equipment, ship and aviation. Large container ships and deep water drilling platforms with independent intellectual property rights are exported to the western advanced countries; export of domestic airplanes makes a progress and up to now, the amount of foreign orders and intentional purchasing of Xinzhou series airplanes has reached 103 accumulatively, among of which 43 have been delivered.

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