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More park-and-ride lots needed to ease congestion

By Wang Xiaodong  (China Daily)

13:28, November 27, 2012

More park-and-ride lots should be built to encourage the use of public transportation and reduce congestion in Beijing, experts said.

Park-and-ride lots are car parks that are connected to public transportation, and they play an important role in urban traffic management, said Wang Limei, secretary-general of the China Road Transport Association.

But Beijing had only 28 lots providing 4,464 parking bays near major subway and bus stations as of August, according to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport. Most of these lots are close to subway stations in Beijing's suburbs.

"They are far from enough," Wang said.

According to the commission, a plan to build two more lots providing more than 1,000 car bays has been approved.

Park-and-ride facilities were first built several decades ago in foreign countries, but they are new in China.

Beijing is promoting use of the facilities by keeping charges low.

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