Ending Poverty in China
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Expectations running high on China amid daunting global challenges
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, humanity has borne witness to the CPC's commitment to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.
Countries should take responsible actions to drive global economic recovery
Faced with a second wave of infections, some countries have to press the “pause” button on many aspects of economic and social development.
China urges U.S. to stop groundless suppression of Chinese apps
The U.S. move has deviated from the principle of fair competition, violates international economic and trade rules, and undermines normal market order.
China realizes secure, stable quantum communication network spanning 4,600 km
It is impossible to wiretap, intercept or crack the information since the quantum state of a photon that transmits data along optical fiber will "collapse" once it is wiretapped..
China, WHO discussing expert visit details
"We hope that the specific dates and arrangements of their visit can be decided as soon as possible through our discussions. We will timely inform the media as long as we have further information."
China constantly upgrades, optimizes energy structure
The coal consumption was largely curbed; stable petroleum and gas supply was guaranteed; and clean energy occupied a larger share.
Commentary: China's FAST not a Tower of Babel but a sky eye for all
Believed to be the world's most sensitive radio telescope, FAST has identified more than 240 pulsars since it began formal operations in January 2020. Scientists have published over 40 quality papers based on data collected by FAST.

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