Chinese envoy calls for efforts to protect safety of women, youth

(Xinhua) 16:16, May 29, 2024

UNITED NATIONS, May 29 (Xinhua) -- China's permanent representative to the United Nations Fu Cong on Tuesday called for efforts to protect the safety of women and youth at a Security Council meeting on the subject.

The international community should make efforts to "promote a ceasefire and cessation of violence so as to protect the safety of women and youth," Fu said at a United Nations (UN) Security Council High-Level Debate on the Maintenance of International Peace and Security: The Role of Women and Young People.

"The world today is far from being tranquil. From the Middle East to Africa, from Eurasia to Haiti in the Caribbean, wars and violent conflicts continue unabated with women and youth being the first victims," he said.

"When safety and even the very survival are under threat, nothing else is possible. The Security Council should assume its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security and make unremitting efforts to promote a ceasefire and an end to the fighting," said the ambassador.

"China calls on parties to the conflict to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law, to refrain from using women and youth as military targets, to effectively guarantee access to humanitarian supplies, and to return as soon as possible to the political track of dispute resolution," he said.

On the role of women and youth in peace efforts, the envoy said that at present, the degree and the level of participation of women and youth in political and peace processes vary from country to country, and the potential talents and contributions of women and youth have yet to be fully recognized and utilized.

"China supports the full implementation of Security Council resolution 1325 and 2250, which provide equal opportunities for women and youth to participate in peace processes by eliminating discrimination, prejudice, and obstacles," he said.

"It is essential to enhance the motivation and sense of participation of women and youth and to encourage them to contribute their ideas to conflict prevention, political development, and social governance," he said. "We must fully leverage their advantages of quick thinking, understanding and tolerance, so that they can become an indispensable force in the maintenance and building of peace."

The ambassador also called for efforts to support the economic empowerment of women and youth so as to strengthen the foundation of peace.

"One of the major reasons that some young people and women were hoodwinked to join armed groups and terrorist organizations is their lack of access to education, employment, and development," he said.

Fu urged the international community to increase their access to education and employment opportunities, so that they can determine their own destiny and become a major force for social stability and development.

Speaking of China's efforts in this regard, the envoy said that China has always supported the economic empowerment of women and youth.

"In Mali, the Senou vocational training center, which was built with China's assistance, has helped more than 500 young people acquire professional knowledge in construction and electrical engineering, and many women have acquired new skills, bringing hope to their families. In Fiji, China has trained more than 2,400 people with Juncao technology since 2014. The local people have planted more than 2,000 hectares of Juncao grass, which has raised the incomes and improved the lives of many women and young people," the ambassador said.

Fu called for efforts to strengthen the global partnership in advancing the cause of women and youth.

"The UN and all countries are duty-bound to implement the women, youth, peace, and security agenda," he said.

UN agencies including UN Women should not only increase investment in addressing existing problems such as the elimination of violence, poverty reduction, education, and gender equality, but also work to tackle new challenges such as digital, technology, and intelligence divides, so that women and youth from underdeveloped countries and regions will not be left behind in the new round of technological revolution.

"We call on developed countries to effectively fulfill their official development assistance commitments and to make the promotion of women and youth in developing countries a key area of their investment," he said.

"Multilateral financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund should allocate more funds to improve the livelihoods of women and youth and other groups in developing countries," he added.

"China stands ready to work with the international community to build a better world, so that women and youth from all countries can live in the sunshine of peace and development," said the ambassador.

(Web editor: Zhang Kaiwei, Zhong Wenxing)


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