Report on Global Innovative Trends in Basic Education 2024 released in Beijing

(People's Daily Online) 19:27, January 20, 2024

The Forum of Global Innovative Trends in Basic Education is held in Beijing, January 19, 2024. (Photo/provided to People’s Daily Online)

The Forum of Global Innovative Trends in Basic Education was held in Beijing on January 19, 2024. Li Yongzhi, President of China National Academy of Educational Sciences(CNAES), released the "Report on Global Innovative Trends in Basic Education 2024" at the forum.

The report points out eight current global innovative trends in basic education, which are: First, Focusing on Raising Digital Literacy of Teachers and Students; Second, Attaching importance to Cultivating Innovation Consciousness and Ability; Third, Actively Constructing STEM Educational Ecosystem; Fourth, Advancing Vocational Education; Fifth, Emphasizing Social and Emotional Learning; Sixth, Thoroughly Implementing Thematic Interdisciplinary Learning; Seventh, Deeply Exploring Assessment Empowered by Digital Intelligence; Eighth, Strategically Promoting Educational Equity and Inclusion.

The report raises four proposals: First, Countries Worldwide should Face the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Build on the Community with a Shared Future for Mankind, and Cultivate Global Problem-Solving Capabilities; Second, Facing the Social Needs, Governments and Schools should Enhance Students' Adaptability and Lifelong Development Skills ; Third, Governments at All Levels should Face Transformation and Change so that Learning Opportunities are Available for All; Fourth, All Governments, Institutions and Schools should Work Together to Promote Exchanges and Mutual Learning in Basic Education.

Based on a decade of continuous tracking of global basic education development trends, the project team from CNAES systematically compiled international strategic plans, policy documents, and research reports to identify eight major innovation trends in global basic education. The "Report on Global Innovative Trends in Basic Education 2024" aims to capture and interpret the latest concepts, policies and practices of global basic education, promote educational exchanges between China and the other countries, and promote the reform and innovation of basic education in China.

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