Returning young talents inject new vitality into rural areas in China

(People's Daily Online) 13:46, January 20, 2023

Wang Junjun, a young man who used to work outside his hometown, found prosperity through planting traditional Chinese medicinal herbs after returning to his village in northwest China's Gansu Province, inspiring more young men to follow suit and contribute to the country's rural vitalization drive.

Wang Junjun dries medicinal herbs in his yard. (Xinhua/Guo Gang)

Wang, 30, returned to Xinping village, Fuxing town, Longxi county of Gansu in 2014. As Longxi county is a major cultivation, storage and processing base of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs in northwest China, he decided to plant herbs such as Codonopsis pilosula and Astragalus. Wang invested 30,000 yuan (about $4,437) into the business, and learnt planting techniques from some senior citizens.

After earning 70,000 yuan from the business in 2014, Wang transferred more land and planted over 20 mu (about 1.33 hectares) of herbs, and bought some farming equipment the next year. He worked with his fellow villagers, sharing his farming equipment with them, transporting herbs for them for free, and asking them to help him when he needed workers.

"Our mutual help allowed us to make more profits," he said. With the wealth generated from his thriving medicinal herb business, he bought two vans and a house in the town.

Wang Junjun (left) and his father (middle) dry medicinal herbs in his yard. (Xinhua/Guo Gang)

Wang's success has motivated more young men who used to work outside the village. In 2019, Wang Yanwei returned home and became an apprentice to Wang Junjun. Starting with over 10 mu of land, Wang Yanwei now manages over 40 mu, and earns a decent income.

"The young men have the resolve to make a difference, and their success has motivated more young men to work in the rural areas. With these young talents, I'm fully confident in the prospects of rural vitalization," observed Yang Delin, mayor of Fuxing town.

(Web editor: Hongyu, Liang Jun)


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