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"TikTok transaction": In sheep’s clothing, a wolf is a wolf

(People's Daily Online)    21:05, September 23, 2020

Photo taken on Aug. 21, 2020 shows a logo of the video-sharing social networking company TikTok's Los Angeles Office in Culver City, Los Angeles County, the United States. (Xinhua)

TikTok, a short-form mobile video app popular among young people in the U.S., with an estimated 400 million downloads worldwide and about 90 million active users, was suddenly forced to either be sold or shut down.

Did TikTok violate the relevant laws of the U.S.? Did it cause damage to the U.S., or did it cause a great deal of social revulsion?

None of these! There is no reason at all!

It's hard to imagine this is all happening in the 21st century, in the U.S., which has always boasted of its free economy.

If the information publicly disclosed by CNN and other U.S. media accurately expresses the content of the agreement, Oracle will become a partner of TikTok in data security compliance and become its "trusted technology provider.”

Oracle will review the source code and subsequent updates of TikTok, supervise all technical operations of TikTok in the U.S., and exclusively host TikTok user data in the U.S.

This means that Oracle will have full access to the technology of Douyin, a Chinese video-sharing social networking service. It is easy for discerning people to know whether such a "trusted technology provider" is credible.

Known as a "trusted technology provider,” what kind of company is Oracle? Oracle is simply a large database provider with no operational management experience in mobile Internet products.

With an out of date technology product mechanism , the company, through charging high licensing fees through large databases, cannot simply adapt to the distributed and flexible mobile Internet.

Oracle's shortcomings in technical capabilities and management are likely to be disastrous for the development of TikTok.

Oracle's participation appears to be a "gentle trap" designed by the U.S. government. Through such a superficial cooperation, it does not seem to pay any price; it can control a powerful application developed by a Chinese company, one which American Internet companies cannot compete with, having full command of the company's technology.

Obviously, Oracle actually acts as the "black hands " of the US government.

Particularly noteworthy, CNN and other U.S. media have disclosed that the newly formed board of directors for TikTok Global will be composed of five people, four of whom need to be U.S. citizens, and these four U.S. citizens must include a US data security expert and serve as the director of the company's internal national security committee, with the highest security authority within the company.

If the above information is confirmed, then TikTok seems to have jumped out of the predicament of being forced to be sold and found a "cooperative route"; however, it is in fact being strangled.

This agreement seems to be nothing more than a snare for TikTok woven by American politicians and companies, with the goal to seize control of an influential Chinese mobile Internet company.

It is impossible to pin hopes on the opponent that losses can be avoided by complying with one of its rules. A superficial concession will lead to a bigger trap.

Even in sheep's clothing, a wolf is still a wolf. In the face of wolves, China can only survive through struggling! This is the inspiration China must draw from in this case! 

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(Web editor: Zhao Tong, Bianji)

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