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Bright, Always the Light Shining upon Chinese Food Industry--the New Year Address in 2016

(People's Daily Online)    08:49, January 07, 2016

By Shi Mingfang, Party Committee Secretary and President of Bright Food Group

The year 2015 is coming to an end, and 2016 is around the corner. At the moment of seeing off the old year and ringing in the new one, I'd like, on behalf of the Bright Food Group, to send my best regards and blessings to everyone who works with us at different positions, to the families of all the staff, to all the communist party members, model workers, outstanding employees, as well as those retired workmates. Thank you, thank you for your self-sacrifice for the big picture of our Group, for your creativeness, conscientiousness, dedication, as well as generous support for and engagement to the Group's reform and development; thank you for your tremendous contribution to fulfill the targets of our Group!

The year 2015 witnessed the great achievements of our Group in reform, development and guarantee of employees' welfare under the leadership of the municipal government and the Party Committee of the municipal SASAC. For that purpose, we adhere to the business mission of growing into a "model enterprise of safe food, backbone in securing supply, and bellwether of resource integration"; we adhere to the work philosophy featured by "reform and transformation, quality and efficiency improvement, synergy in control and management, and steady development"; and we adhere to the "problem-oriented, target-oriented, demand-oriented" method to break the bottleneck and shun buckets effect, thus establishing the brand culture concept of Bright. We also made breakthroughs in reform on the state assets management, overseas M&A, technological innovation, brand building, and public well-being; the third Three-Year Development Strategy has been fulfilled ideally, and we are getting closer to the Group's strategic target: growing into an integrated multinational group with market competitiveness, influential brands and cohesive workforce. For these accomplishments, we should, first and foremost, attribute them to the assiduous work of all the front line employees without whom we can never make it, please accept my sincere appreciation and respect.

Keeping abreast of the times is the cultural gene of Bright Food Group. We shall put into practice the brand cultural philosophy of Bright established in the third Three-Year Strategic Planning period; it is the pearl of collective wisdom from the grassroots to top management of our Group. We shall enrich and consummate the Group vision, enterprise mission, corporate spirit, core values as well as the industrial structure featured by "One Body & Two Wings" and the six common senses of strategic targets, and exercise them from the very beginning to the end. At the same time, we shall make the best of the development concept proposed in the 5th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC to guide the planning of our 4th Three-Year Developmental Strategy and provide reference for our blueprint in the forthcoming days. We shall also hold onto the development strategy based on innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, thus to ensure the year 2016 rolls out with a sound beginning, and the new development strategic target is fulfilled as expected. 

To ensure the work of 2016 is ideally carried out, we need to stay passionate. Great exploit comes with passion. We need passion to promote reform and develop business, without which the morale of cadres and workers can hardly be aroused to promote development and reform. "Passion, entrepreneurship, integrity, diligence, thrift and tolerance" are the core values of Bright Food Group. Only if we maintain the uplifting mental status and arouse the initiative of employees to strike out new paths and do business with down-to-earth attitude could we see all business targets ideally implemented and ideally fulfilled. We have to stay practical and realistic in running business; any detailed work, any research and investigation cannot be roughly done without thinking of their practical effect, and no superficial work is needed at work; we must nurture a work style featured by "Doing with Down-to-Earth Attitude". There is a long journey to go for the reform and development of Bright, we must arouse the initiative of all entrepreneurs and support their passion for pioneering work. Development, reform and responsibility are the three indispensable key factors for reform. Our leading officials need not only to be the pioneers for reform and development, but the leader with good sense of responsibility, with which they could stay with the staff and share the weal and woe, summoning all the power accessible to overcome any difficulties encountered. 

To accomplish the targets of 2016, we have to unite all the available powers and gather strength. Winning the heart of people is the greatest victory in politics, and solidarity is an eternal theme. The 4th Three-Year Strategic Planning and the 13th Five-Year Plan embody the collective wisdom and common senses of the entire Group; they are the blueprints for solidarity, and the strategic target for reaching consensus, increasing cohesion and gathering strength. The one with shared goals wins out; Bright Food Group is just as a homeport and each subsidiary of the Group as an aircraft carrier. If each aircraft carrier has impressive fighting capacity, and there is impressive cohesive force among each aircraft carrier, we win; therefore, our Group has to build up a shared cultural atmosphere with great cohesive force. One single arrow snaps easily while one bunch of which stays tougher. To Bright Food Group, the cohesive force is as indispensable as the load bearing walls to buildings or ballast stones to ships. Fighting capacity comes from strictness and cohesive force from care; we shall carry out the "Three Strictness and Three Pragmatism" policy seriously, implement the "One Post with Two Responsibilities" regulation and take probity as a constant habit, thus building up an upright and incorruptible political ecology in our Group. 

To ensure the work of 2016 is ideally carried out, we need to care for the employees. As an old saying goes, those who care for the people win the hearts of the people. Never ever could we forget those senior employees who carved out Bright, especially those poverty-stricken staff and families due to illness, we have to show good concern to them. If Bright Food Group serves as the bottom board to secure adequate supply of staple and non-staple foods for Shanghai, then the state-owned farms are the bases for this supporting bottom board. We have to implement the Opinions on Further Carrying Forward the Agricultural Reclamation Reform issued by the Central Party Committee on a conscientious basis, and not only build the farms into well-off ones and ensure the issues concerning the vital interest of employees well solved (like the resettlement of peasants from old housing), but ensure all the retired peasants and employees to live a well-off life and enjoy worry-free later years of life as well. Such work is by no means a slogan, but a political responsibility for us, an embodiment to put into practice the concept of shared development. We have to get closer to the employees, making sure we identify ourselves with them, understand their situation and know what they are thinking of, thus giving wing to the wisdom and energy of employees, the front-line staff in particular; thus ensuring the employees could support and engage themselves to the reform of the Group with passion; and enabling them to feel the sense of accomplishment during the reform and development of the Group. 

In 2016, we have to strengthen the Party building, give full play to the political core role of the Party and the vanguard and exemplary roles of Communist Party members; we have to consistently conform to the Party disciplines and requirements, and unite all employees under one banner, to form the unique spirit of Bright people with common faith and dedication. If we follow the new concept, new thoughts and the requirements of new measures, remain practical and rectitude, and share the common fate with people and generate maximum effect with our joint efforts, we will certainly make the development blueprint of Bright Food Group come true, and realize the more sustainable development of Bright Food Group with higher quality and efficiency.

Bright, as I believe, is always the light shining upon Chinese food industry! 

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