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Egypt's CA condemns anti-constitution campaigns


13:48, December 15, 2012

CAIRO, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- Egypt's Constituent Assembly held a press conference on Friday blaming the opposition and media for mobilizing people against the constitution and urging the Egyptians to ponder before casting ballots.

"Those who are against the draft constitution claimed that it would make the president a pharaoh, although it minimized the presidential power with 40 percent," a assembly member named Aboul Ela Mady said.

"The new constitution ensures a comprehensive medical insurance for the Egyptians, and puts a minimum level for the salaries and pensions," he introduced.

For his part, Minister of State for Judicial Affairs Mohamed Mahsoub said "there are claims saying that the constitution authorizes the president to sack the prime minister, although the constitution states the People's Assembly is the only side with the right to question and dismiss him."

Egyptians are going to cast their ballots on the controversial draft constitution in two-round referendum scheduled for Dec. 15 and 22.

Meanwhile, the supporters of the draft constitution are flocking to Nasr city in eastern Cairo for demonstrations dubbed " Say yes for constitution," while the opponents are gathering at Cairo's central Tahrir Square to protest against the constitution.

"Say yes for the constitution, lead the state to stability," demonstrators in Nasr city chanted.

"No for a constitution wastes the Egyptian rights, no for constitution divides the Egyptian nation," the opponents in Tahrir square shouted.

As a response to the protests, Morsi has reportedly given the army the power to arrest the civilians and called on them to help the police maintain security for the referendum.


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