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Elite PLA pilot wins "Golden Helmet" award twice

(People's Daily Online)

08:31, December 13, 2012

The second PLA Air Force "Golden Helmet" award, a 10-day air war competition by fighter jets finally came to an end on Nov. 29 and 11 air force pilots stood out from 108 elites and won the "Golden Helmet" award.

It is noteworthy that Jiang Jiayi, one of winners of the first "Golden Helmet" award and chief of a squadron of Chengdu Military Area Command (MAC), won the award again and became the first man winning the "Golden Helmet" award twice.

The concept of actual combat is strengthened

The second "Golden Helmet" award was organized and implemented according to the order that first using the third generation and the same types of fighter jets and then the second generation and different types of fighters.

Compared with the first "golden helmet" award, this year's competition included the fight between different types of aircraft, the safety distance between two aircraft in unrestricted air combat was reduced by 50 meters, and "face-to-face" peer reviews of pilots' performances were added.

"We cannot win continuous victories without advanced guiding theories," Jiang said. At the end of last year, he realized that fellow pilots had learned "interference" in the first "golden helmet" competition. In order to win in this year's completion, he must combine "attack" with "interference."

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