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Chinese military experts conclude mine clearance course for Cambodian forces


08:57, December 14, 2012

KAMPONG SPEU, Cambodia, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- Chinese military trainers on Thursday ended a six-week technical training course for Cambodian armed forces to clear landmines.

The closing ceremony, held at the Institute for Peacekeeping Forces, Mine and Explosive Remnants of War Clearance, was presided over by Cambodian Foreign Ministry's secretary of state Ouch Borith and Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Pan Guangxue.

Speaking at the event, Senior Col. Zhang Senlin, head of the 12- member expert team, said the course was attended by 50 Cambodian armed forces personnel, focusing on theories, field practices and mine explosion victim rescue.

He praised Cambodian trainees for their high capacity in receiving skills and knowledge provided by Chinese trainers.

Ambassador Pan said that the course was successfully concluded thanks to good cooperation between trainers and trainees, adding that the course not only transfers knowledge from Chinese experts to Cambodian forces, but also creates closer contact between Chinese People's Liberation Army and Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.

"We are pleased to see good cooperation between the two armies in humanitarian activities," he said. "The government of China will continue to help Cambodia with landmine clearance in order to improve Cambodian people's living conditions."

Meanwhile, Ouch Borith expressed sincere thanks to Chinese People's Liberation Army for sending experts to train Cambodian forces, saying that the training would help improve capacity of Cambodian forces.

Lt. Gen. Sem Sovanny, director-general of the National Center for Peacekeeping Force, Mine and Explosive Remnants of War Clearance, said though the course was short, it was very useful to build up capacity for Cambodian forces.

On that occasion, China also handed over equipment including metal mine detectors, bullet-proof vests and radio transmitters to the Institute.

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