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Chinese navy to conduct blue water training regularly

(People's Daily Online)

08:45, December 14, 2012

Five major warships of the East Sea Fleet of the People's Liberation Army began a blue water training exercise in the western Pacific on Nov. 27. The blue water exercise, the seventh of its kind launched by the Chinese navy this year, entered its 14th day on Dec. 10, according to the China National Radio. The navy will continue to conduct blue water training regularly, said rear admiral Qiu Tingpeng, commander of the training exercise and deputy commander-in-chief of the East China Sea Fleet.

Blue water training is a common practice among navies of different countries. As the Chinese navy constantly improves its equipment and logistical ability as well as expands maritime training areas, blue water training has become an effective way and natural choice to increase its combat capability.

During the training exercise, the five warships practiced sailing around the clock, blue water combat and supplies, and ship-aircraft joint search and rescue, and achieved pre-set training targets.

Qiu believes that the Chinese navy will continue to conduct blue water training on a regular basis. Information technology-based military training in the open sea will increase the navy's systematic combat capability in the information era, and accelerate the transformation of the combat capability generation model.

Qiu said that the blue water training has further improved the East Sea Fleet's tactics and training methods, increased the navy's ability to accomplish blue water missions, and enhanced the morale and fighting spirit of navy officers and soldiers.

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