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Experts: The Liaoning offers strong backup force to maritime surveillance

(People's Daily Online)

08:47, October 25, 2012

The joint exercise in the East China Sea, which is aimed at improving coordination between the navy and administrative patrol vessels and safeguarding territorial sovereignty and maritime interests, has already kicked off.

After the commission of the aircraft carrier, it may integrate naval and air forces as a whole, moreover, the aircraft carrier and their fleets in particular enable the naval force to go further and conduct maritime surveillance with more efficiency, said Li Jie, a professor of the Marine Military Academy, during an exclusive interview with People's Daily Online in response to the concern from the netizens about the role and significance on the commission of the Liaoning to China's maritime surveillance.

The commission of the Liaoning is of significance to China's maritime surveillance. As the commission of the aircraft carrier may integrate the naval and air forces as a whole which is more integrated, all-around, and information-based, the aircraft carrier and their fleets in particular enable the naval force to go further. For traditional airmen and fighters, their combat radius are not far enough to reach some distant waters, like Nansha Islands; while the aircraft carrier is on the contrary, as they may form backup force and providing effective protection or electronic information resources for the maritime law enforcement, said Li.

China has faced many challenges in maritime surveillance, as it had encountered unreasonably tracing, harassment and even malicious obstruction from other countries' ships, when navigating and cruising in controversial waters. When it comes to how to enhance maritime surveillance, Li gives the following suggestions.

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