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Report on U.S. Military Power 2012 (27)

(People's Daily Online)

10:56, July 19, 2013

4. Identifying Risks ofAdopting the Concept

The document holds that the concept of Globally Integrated Operations is conducive to maintaining current and future U.S. military edge by helping commanders in not only outsmarting the enemy amid uncertainty, complexity, and volatility in future combats but also facilitating adjustments in the size of force based on requirements. Yet, there are also risks in adopting this concept: a. the communications required by this concept may be unavailable; b. partners may be unable or unwilling to integrate; c. the pursuit of advanced technology may prove unaffordable; d. an overemphasis on decentralization may lead to lack of coordination and inefficient use of scarce resources; e. the armed forces may fail to achieve the required level of global agility; f. standardization may lead to decreased diversity, flexibility, versatility, and ultimate effectiveness; g. elimination of redundancies may lead to operational brittleness and risk; h. emphasis on organizational flexibility may limit operational effectiveness.

These new developments in military theories are conducive to joint operations. First, they are promoting cross-domain jointness. On the basis of existing service jointness and military technology advantage, the U.S. Armed Forces are stepping up integration between traditional operational domains—land, sea, and air— and emerging operational domains such as space and cyberspace. As capabilities in both traditional and emerging operational domains complement one another, such integration will generate cross-domain synergy; as a result, success can be achieved at the lowest cost. Second, they are also enhancing cross-region jointness. With U.S. military advantage in strategic power projection, prompt global strike, and flexible deployment, forces deployed in the rear or at the front, in different theaters and various operational domains share operational information and battlefield situations, so that globally integrated operations can be achieved through improved rapid responses. Third, they emphasize cross-agency coordination and cooperation. DoD is fostering coordination and cooperation with other U.S. governmental agencies, NGOs, volunteer groups, and international organizations, for integrated employment of political, military, economic, diplomatic, and cultural instruments of national power, in order to improve combat effectiveness. Fourth, they give enough attention to tactical-level jointness. Joint operations were limited to strategic and operational levels due to weaponry, equipment, tactical, technological, and command and control restraints. With better information systems, networks and information sharing, and with improved command and control systems, battlefield and C2information flows rapidly across various echelons, thus extending joint operations from strategic and operational level to tactical level.

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