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Japan urged to stop being provocative over Diaoyu Islands


08:15, July 18, 2013

BEIJING, July 17 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Wednesday urged Japan to stop all provocative words and acts detrimental to China's sovereign rights.

In response to a question, spokeswoman Hua Chunying said, "We urge the Japanese side to face history and reality, stop all words and acts detrimental to China's sovereign rights and make efforts to properly resolve the Diaoyu Islands problem through dialogue."

Earlier Wednesday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited two small islands and spoke to officers with the Ishigaki Coast Guard Office.

Abe was quoted by media as saying that he wanted "to decisively protect people's lives and property, our country's territorial lands, waters and airspace."

He also claimed that the Diaoyu Islands are "an inherent part of Japan's territory" and said Japan "will not recede" over the issue.

In response to Abe's remarks, Hua reiterated that "the Diaoyu Islands have been a fixed part of Chinese territory since ancient time" and "China possesses undisputable sovereign rights over the islands."

The Chinese government will continue to take all necessary measures in an effort to firmly safeguard the country's sovereign rights over the Diaoyu Islands, Hua added.

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