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App for ayi service is on smartphones now

By Hu Min (Shanghai Daily)

15:51, July 17, 2013

An ayi is now just a smartphone tap away.

The Shanghai Household Service Association said yesterday that it is offering a free and instant ayi-reservation app service for smartphone users in the city.

The new service is also expected to crack down on illegal agencies and tackle complaints about the shortage of ayis in Shanghai, the association said.

The association claims an ayi from the over 400 domestic help agencies could be made available on an hourly paid basis and could reach the venue in an hour or two to do household chores. The payment can be done on the app called "zhaisujie" (???ù?à).

Since the app was launched in late June, the association claimed that more than 20 orders are forwarded on an average every day.

About 90 percent of white collar workers in the city need ayis for just an hour's work, essentially to clean up the place after parties but found it difficult in getting a domestic help, said Xue Shuai, project director of the association.

Through an online network, the association can dispatch ayis who can meet this demand, Xue said.

The website offers domestic helpers who are experienced in dealing with maternity and infant care as well as looking after seniors. It has 460 registered agencies with nearly 40,000 ayis since the site was launched two years ago.

More than 20,000 people have benefitted from it.

People can type their address and the time they need the ayi and the website will throw up suitable candidates.

Detailed information about the ayis - like their hometowns, payment, picture, training and health certificates, skills and some self-description, can all be accessed. People can also read comments posted by the users about the ayis, who are also rated by stars.

"It provides an intelligent, safe, professional, efficient and standard approach to domestic help service," said Chen Xizhu, director of the association.

She said e-commerce can help regulate the domestic help market and promote its development.

The service should also be available on WeChat this year.

The app and the website currently offer Chinese versions.

Chen said they may consider introducing an English version after the Chinese ones run smoothly.

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