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Eco-Forum Global to Kick off in Guiyang

By Yu Lintao (Beijing Review)

15:31, July 17, 2013

The Eco-Forum Global 2013 annual meeting will kick off in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province on July 19, a press conference announced on June 7.

The three-day conference, from July 19 to 21, will present a theme of "Building Eco-civilization: Green Transformation and Transition." Hundreds of ecological experts, leaders of NGOs and businesses, as well as politicians from both China and abroad will participate the annual gathering.

According to Zhang Xinsheng, secretary-general of the Eco-Forum Global, the conference will emphasize green industry, green urbanization and green consumption with four content pillars: green economy; inclusive society; eco-system and environment; culture, values and ethics.

Eco-Forum Global is another high-end international forum after Boao Forum for Asia to be approved and supported by the Chinese Government. It is currently the only state level international forum focusing on eco-civilization.

Zhang said that the forum aims to promote eco-civilization, share information and experiences, and advocate for improved green policy implementation in order to seize green development opportunities, cope with eco-security challenges, and help shape the global, regional, and industrial agenda.

"The forum can help China gain an advantageous position in green development. It will also contribute to building an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient society and promote progress toward eco-civilization," said Zhang.

Guiyang, the host city of the forum, has been a national pioneer in ecological development, echoing the concept of sustainable development advocated by the Central Government.

Li Jun, Deputy Party Secretary of Guizhou Provincial Committee of the CPC and Party Secretary of Guiyang Municipal Committee of the CPC, said Guiyang has been listed several times as one of China's low-carbon cities. Its goal of achieving green development has paid off, further driving the transformation of the city's development mode.

"Hosting the Eco-Forum Global, Guiyang is to build a globally shared platform for eco-civilization," said Li. "On the platform, scholars, politicians and the public from the whole world can discuss and research the issue on sustainable development concerning them all."

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