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Report on U.S. Military Power 2012 (5)

(People's Daily Online)

10:56, July 19, 2013

Sixth, to maintain a safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrent. The U.S. nuclear forces play a dual role of both deterring potential adversaries and fulfilling its security commitments. The strategic guidance document maintains that U.S. strategic deterrence goals can be achieved with a smaller nuclear force. Accordingly, the number of nuclear weapons and their role in U.S. national security strategy can be reduced.

Seventh, to defend U.S. homeland and provide support to civil authorities. U.S. forces will continue to defend U.S. territory from external attacks. They will also respond actively to a significant or catastrophic event.

Eighth, to give a full play of its overseas military presence. In time of peace, through rotational deployments and bilateral and multilateral training exercises, the U.S. seeks to increase its influence, strengthen alliance cohesion, and shape an environment which is conducive to its national interests.

Ninth, to address insurgencies with an emphasis on non-military means and military-to-military cooperation. If necessary, U.S. forces will conduct limited counterinsurgency and other stability operations, but they should avoid significant and enduring commitments to stability operations.

Tenth, to conduct humanitarian, disaster relief, and other operations. U.S. forces should give a full play of its capabilities in airlift and sealift, and medical evacuation. They should also develop joint doctrine and response options to respond to natural disasters and mass atrocities both at home and abroad.

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