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Report on U.S. Military Power 2012 (21)

(People's Daily Online)

10:56, July 19, 2013

4. Basic Principles of Joint Operational Access Concept

To deal with A2/AD threats and ensure access into operational areas, Joint Operational Access Concept describes the following 11 guiding principles: a. conduct operations to gain access based on the requirements of the broader mission, while planning subsequent operations to lessen access challenges; b. prepare the operational area in advance to facilitate access; c. consider a variety of basing options; d. seize the initiative by deploying and operating on multiple, independent lines of operations; e. exploit advantages in one or more domains to disrupt enemy A2/AD capabilities in others; f. disrupt enemy reconnaissance and surveillance efforts while protecting friendly efforts; g. create pockets or corridors of local domain superiority to penetrate the enemy’s defenses and maintain them as required to accomplish the mission; h. maneuver directly against key operational objectives from strategic distance; i. attack enemy A2/AD defenses in depth rather than rolling back those defenses from the perimeter; j. maximize surprise through deception, stealth, and ambiguity to complicate enemy targeting; k. protect space and cyber assets while attacking the enemy’s space and cyber capabilities.

5. Development of Eight Categories of 30 Capabilities Required by Joint Operational Access

To tackle A2/AD threats, DoD calls on the development of 30 capabilities classified into eight categories, namely, command and control, including the following five capabilities: reliable connectivity and interoperability among major warfighting headquarters, effective command and control in a degraded communications environment, the ability to integrate cross-domain operations, situational awareness across the domains, and task-based command; intelligence, including the following three capabilities: to detect and respond to hostile computer network attack, to conduct timely and accurate cross-domain all-source intelligence fusion, and the ability to develop all categories of intelligence in any necessary domain; fires, including the following four capabilities: to locate, target, and suppress or neutralize hostile A2/AD capabilities while limiting collateral damage, to deter, disrupt or destroy enemy systems, to conduct electronic attack and computer network attack, and to interdict enemy forces and materiel; movement and maneuver, including the following five capabilities: to conduct operational maneuver along multiple axes of advance, to gain entry into hostile digital networks, to conduct en route rehearsal and assembly of deploying forces, to conduct forcible entry operations, and to mask the approach of joint maneuver elements; protection, including the following six capabilities: to defeat enemy targeting systems, to provide missile defense, to protect and reconstitute bases and other infrastructure, to protect forces and supplies, to protect friendly space forces, and to conduct cyber defense; sustainment, including the following three capabilities: to deploy, employ, and sustain forces, to establish nonstandard support mechanisms, to manage and integrate contractors; information: the ability to inform and influence selected audiences; engagement, including the following three capabilities: to share capabilities to ensure access and advance long-term regional stability, to secure basing, navigation, and overflight rights, and to provide training, supplies, equipment, and other assistance to regional partners.

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