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"Peace Ark" hospital ship offers medical service for CTF-151 in Gulf of Aden

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08:34, July 19, 2013

GULF OF ADEN, July 18 (ChinaMil) -- The "Peace Ark" hospital ship of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAN) offered medical service for the Goksu warship of Turkey, the flag ship of the United States-led Combined Task-Force 151 (CTF-151) which was implementing naval escort mission, and carried out the military exchanges on July 16, 2013, local time, in the waters of the Gulf of Aden.

Commander Zafar from Pakistan, who suffered from goiter and was hospitalized two month ago, suddenly felt pains in his throat and was suspected to be mumps after starting this escort mission for one month. After receiving special examinations including routine blood tests, neck ultrasonography and DR, he said happily that "I come to the 'Pease Ark' hospital ship just like coming back home as China and Pakistan have a long history of friendship."

During their staying on the "Pease Ark" hospital ship, Commodore Qadir, commander of the CTF-151, and Captain Pervez, chief of staff of the CTF-151, respectively brought the officers and men totaling 17 persons from countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Netherlands and Saudi Arabia by small boat to the "Pease Ark" hospital ship for visit and exchange who spoke highly of the first-class equipment and excellent service of the "Peace Ark" hospital ship of the PLAN. In addition, they also happily received the diagnosis and treatments on the hospital ship.

The United States-led CTF-151 was established in 2009 and led by the U.S. which especially undertakes the missions including naval escort and anti-pirate in the Gulf of Alden and the waters off the Somali coast. After its founding, warships from countries including the UK, Denmark, Turkey, Singapore, The Republic of Korea(ROK), Australia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia successively joined the taskforce. The commander of the taskforce is taken by its member countries in turn.

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