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Report on U.S. Military Power 2012 (26)

(People's Daily Online)

10:56, July 19, 2013

3. Predicting Its Implications for Force Development

According to the document, the concept of “Globally Integrated Operations” will exert significant influence on U.S. force development in terms of command and control, intelligence, fire power, movement and maneuver, protection, sustainment, and partnership strategies. The implications are as follows: a. use joint professional education to realize mission command in joint operations; b. develop portable, cloud-enabled command and control technologies for commanders and their staffs; c. enhance U.S. ability to operate effectively in a degraded environment; d. explore how the notion of mutually supporting command can help construct command relationships tailored to specific future threats; e. become pervasively interoperable both internally and externally; f. maintain and enhance the integration of general-purpose force and special operations force; g. develop analytic capabilities that correspond with the wider array of threats and contexts in which they will occur; h. improve capabilities that better fuse, analyze, and exploit large data sets; i. provide a fire support coordination capability that integrates all fires, including cyber; j. improve capabilities to defeat A2/AD threats; k. rapidly employable on a global scale; l. develop deep regional expertise; m. improve strategic and operational mobility; n. improve tactical maneuver; o. synchronize global distribution; p. standardize tactics, techniques and procedures across combatant commands to facilitate force rotation; q. improve cyber defense capabilities; r. continue to improve defensive space capabilities; s. integrate missile defense systems; t. continue to develop and implement the Joint Logistics Enterprise; u. reduce operational energy requirements and develop operationally viable alternative energy sources; v. identify those agencies with which Joint Forces will work most often and develop common coordinating procedures; w. field a mission-partner information environment to facilitate integration with various external partners.

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