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Report on U.S. Military Power 2012 (16)

(People's Daily Online)

10:56, July 19, 2013

5. Missiles and Munitions ($11 billion)

In FY2012, $11 billion is appropriated for procurement and R&D of missiles and munitions, including $4.381 billion for conventional munitions, $2.041 billion for strategic missiles, and $4.608 billion for tactical missiles.

The detailed list of the procurement plan includes: 46 SM-3 Block IBs, 89 SM-6s, 24 Trident II D-5 Fleet Ballistic Missiles, 379 AIM-120s, 372 AIM-9X Block IIs, 142 JASSMs, 196 Tomahawk cruise missiles, 266 JSOWs, 100 Small Diameter Bombs, 4,588 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM), 710 Javelin Advanced Anti-tank Weapons, 802 TOW 2 missiles, 2,994 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, 35 Evolved Seasparrow Missiles, and 61 Rolling Airframe Missiles (RAM).

6. Shipbuilding and Maritime Systems

In FY2012, $24 billion is appropriated for shipbuilding and maritime systems, including $11.396 billion for surface combatants, $5.969 billion for submarine combatants, $521 million for support ships, $2.857 billion for support, $293 million for outfitting and post delivery, and $3.132 billion for R&D.

Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV): JHSV is a shipbuilding program dominated by the U.S. Navy. As a critical asset for maritime forces, it is a high-speed shallow draft vessel with high effective payload, designed for transporting troops, military vehicles, goods and equipment across the world. $416 million is appropriated for funding two JHSV ships, one for the Army and the other for the Navy in FY2012.

DDG 51 Aegis Destroyer: In FY2012, $2.08 billion is appropriated for one DDG 51 Aegis Destroyer.

Littoral Combat Ship (LCS): In FY2012, $2.169 billion is appropriated for four LCS seaframes.

The San Antonio Class Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD 17) ships: LPD 17 is the first craft capable of carrying three main equipment—AAAV, LCAC, and MV-22 Osprey—for the Marines for high-speed, long-distance tactical sealifting, and will be the pivot for future naval expeditions. In FY2012, $1.848 billion is appropriated for the final 11th ship and line shutdown.

SSN 774 Virginia Class Submarine: In FY2012, $4.955 billion is appropriated for two Virginia Class submarines; two additional ships will be built in FY 2013 and FY2014.

LHA-R Amphibious Assault Ship: As a new-generation large amphibious warfare ship, it is intended to replace the decommissioning TARAWA Class LHA whose service life is expected to end. It is used for power projection and front military presence. In FY2012, $2.02 billion is appropriated for a second LHA-R.

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