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Report on U.S. Military Power 2012 (23)

(People's Daily Online)

10:56, July 19, 2013

2. Defining Key Elements of Globally Integrated Operations

Globally Integrated Operations is a concept prepared for the U.S. joint forces for future security environment, requiring globally postured joint forces to quickly combine capabilities with themselves and mission partners across domains, echelons, geographic boundaries, and organizational affiliations. The purpose of the concept is to create a decisive force. At its heart, the concept envisions the integration of emerging capabilities—particularly special operations forces, cyber, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance—with new ways of fighting and partnering. Together, this will achieve higher levels of military effectiveness against the threats the U.S. will most likely face. The concept contains eight key elements:

First, mission command. Mission command exploits the human element in joint operations, emphasizing trust, will power, intuitive judgment, and creativity. A new generation of digital communications and sensor technologies enables auto-command which in turn helps overcome obstacles posed by time and space and facilitates communications across echelons and with friends and neighboring forces; thus mission command can be free from subjectivity or lack of experience on the part of individual commanders.

Second, the ability to seize, retain and exploit the initiative. In cross-domain conflicts, it is important to maintain aggressiveness, forcing the enemy to be controlled by U.S. course of action and pace of operation while maintaining U.S. freedom of movement. Controlling the pace of operations is critical to maintaining military advantage; to that end, the U.S. Armed Forces must decide and direct faster than the enemy and control the timing and tempo of enemy operations.

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