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Qiannan Prefecture: Determined to Call Back the Sunshine (11)

(People's Daily Online)

16:03, January 04, 2013

On the basis of the success of the Center Community Sunshine Electronic Factory, Jin Anhua again founded Weng’an County Kangjie Sunshine Services Co., Ltd. and Center Community Sunshine Weng’an County Kangjie Yang light Services Limited, the Center Community Sunshine Watchstrap Factory. At present, a total of 130 drug rehab persons, handicapped people, and released prisoners have got a job placement.

There was a couple. In mid-2011, the husband Chen Zehua was sent to the drug rehabilitation center for compulsory treatment; his wife Pan Ying led a unfunded life with their 15-year-old daughter. In early 2012, without telling his family, Jin Anhua quietly lent 5,000 yuan to Pan Ying to let her open a tea/chess room so that she could look after her daughter who was at school while having a steady income. In June 2012, Chen Zehua successfully completed drug rehabilitation. He went to Jin Anhua’s office without going to his own home first and grasped his hand the moment he entered the room and said: “thank you, Director Jin. My family would certainly have been scattered if it were not for your help!”

Pu Tingyou, also a drug rehab person from Weng’an County, was another typical example who realized life metamorphosis in the “Sunshine Project”.

In 1996, Pu Tingyou got addicted to drugs and was infected with HIV. Since then, he began the endless cycle of drug abuse and treatment. On the New Year’s Day of 2009, his wife, who was also addicted, injected herself with a needle tube full of heroin, and committed suicide. Before dying, his wife made solemn and tragic agreement with him: “I am gone. You must live on and accompany our son, so he can get closer to becoming an adult each day.”

The drug rehab persons are working in Xinhua Branch of “Duyun City Sunshine Product Processing Plant”, a “Sunshine Project” enterprise.

In early 2012, when Pu Tingyou was faced with difficulties for survival and social pressure, the “Sunshine Project” in the county timely lent a helping hand.

Today, he has not only completely got rid of drug habit, but started his own business with the more than 50,000 yuan funds raised with the help of the County Narcotics Control Commission, the Town Party Committee, the Town Government, and his family. He established Houchang Town Sunshine Cultivation Farm, cultivating more than 20 pigs and more than 600 chicks. While starting his own business, he successfully got rid of the drug habits and has never relapsed so far.

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