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Qiannan Prefecture: Determined to Call Back the Sunshine (5)

(People's Daily Online)

16:03, January 04, 2013

The first day after he took office, at noon, Kong took the lunch box and went to the mess hall to eat. All the more than a dozen trainees stared at him straightly. One female trainee named Zhao Jing specially followed him in the behind quietly to see what he was eating. And she found that the mess hall did not offer special treatment to Kong, who was eating the same food as everyone else. Zhao Jing turned to the other trainees and said: “It seems that here is really different. We are not regarded as aliens!”

Although all departments devoted a great deal of efforts, this newly born enterprise was still faced with heavy pressures. Since the factory is located in the city center, the public always looked with askance eyes when passing by. Some even took the chance to educate their children: “you will end up like those drug ghosts inside here if you don’t behave well in school!”

Such an atmosphere made the first batch of trainees feel unbearable. Some trainees lowered their heads every day when walking near the lane and quickly ran into the factory lest being noticed by acquaintances. Some families did not understand the situation of the factory and worried about them being addicted again, and accompanied the trainee to and from work.

Kong Fanjie told the trainees: “a person must first learn self-respect and self-restraint before he can be respected by others.” After five years, Mr. Liang who has recovered and returned to society still takes this sentence as credo of a lifetime.

In cold winter, the administrator would first light up the stove in the processing room so that the employees could work in the warmth indoors. While the employees were working, the administrator would show kindly concern and talk with them about family, physical conditions, and ideas, and sometimes even play a joke. The factory became like a warm family without discrimination, without inequality. After some time, the family members of the trainees felt at ease when they saw the administrator treated the trainees so kindly and thoughtfully. An employee’s mother said gratefully: “drugs turned my son from a person to a ghost; the Party and the government turned him from a ghost to a person again. Before my son entered this factory, I worried about him all day. Now my mind is at ease! The government has done a great deed!”

In early June 2007, a piece of unexpected news shocked the Baseball Processing Plant: Tong Xifeng was unable to withstand the temptation of drugs, relapsed again, and was seized by the public security department and sent for compulsory treatment.

Tong Xifeng lived with his mother. Having nothing to do in the evening, he went out to visit friends. He ran into a former drug friend by accident and became depraved again.

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