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Qiannan Prefecture: Determined to Call Back the Sunshine (8)

(People's Daily Online)

16:03, January 04, 2013

The Spring Festival of 2012 is a memorable day for Tong Xifeng. Cui Yadong, member of Standing Committee, secretary of Politics and Law Committee, director of Narcotics Control Committee and head of Public Security Department of Guizhou Province talked cordially with him during the visit to the “Sunshine Product Processing Factory”. Tong Xifeng reported to Cui about his rehabilitation situation and said emotionally: “thanks to the government, who concerns about us, builds for us such a factory, provides us with a good place for drug rehabilitation, so that we can say goodbye to the past and walk towards the future. I want to persevere on this road and live up to the care the government has on us.” Cui YaTong was very pleased to hear this, and cordially encouraged him to keep up, consolidate the effectiveness of drug treatment, and make efforts to get rid of addiction and return to society. The encouragement from the provincial leader greatly enhanced the confidence and courage of Tong Xifeng for drug rehabilitation. He worked hard and become the backbone of the business of the factory. In June 2012, he was named the Excellent Employee of “Sunshine Enterprises” of Guizhou Province, and became a role model for all trainees.

Lots of hard work has finally ushered in the return. In 2009, Duyun City finally got rid of the label of the “hardest hit area by the harm of drug in Guizhou Province” which it had carried for five years.

The day receiving the good news, Hu Xiaojian made a special trip to the “Sunshine Factory” and visited the trainees. He was very pleased and said: “Today is an important day both for us, and for you! The Municipal Government finally removed the drug label, and your life will start to burst with brilliance after the exercises in these years. As long as you continue to work hard, to cherish this outcome, I believe the future of your lives will become ever sunnier just like our factory!”

In June 2011, as the “Sunshine Project” was fully unfolded throughout the province, the “Love Baseball Processing Plant” in Duyun City was renamed into “Duyun Sunshine Product Processing Plant of Guizhou Province”.

The sunlight spreads and brings happiness to myriad of homes.

The “Sunshine Factory” sows the seed and time will ensure the harvest. Batch after batch of trainees move toward a new life as Duyun Sunshine Factory grows. After 5 years since its establishment, the originally small factory in a corner of Duyun City finally generated chain reactions.

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