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Qiannan Prefecture: Determined to Call Back the Sunshine (12)

(People's Daily Online)

16:03, January 04, 2013

In Weng’an Branch of Guizhou Water Irrigation General Electric Company, everybody speaks highly of the employee Hua Lv, an industrious, cheerful, and helpful young man. It is hard to imagine that Hua Lv used to be a drug addict. On December 30, 2009, he went to the community for drug rehabilitation. Almost three years have passed by now and he was qualified according to repeated drug treatment urinalyses and succeeded in drug detoxification. Now he vigorously participates in community welfare activities and is determined for drug rehabilitation. He has turned from a drug addict into a self-reliant social worker in three years’ time. In June 2012, Hua Lv was named Excellent Employee of “Sunshine Project” of Guizhou Province and embarked on a road of life full of sunshine.

In early 2012, Wang Shuzheng, a disable person in Xiaowei Village of Duyun City, turned to the Public Security Bureau of Qiannan Prefecture for help through Sina Microblogging. He said he was subject to drug abuse for multiple times but now succeeded in drug detoxification and wanted to work in the “Sunshine Product Processing Plant” for self-reliance. This matter caused great attention of Wang Jiangwu, member of the Prefecture Standing Committee, secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, and director of the Prefecture Public Security Bureau, who made special arrangement that Wu Qiang, member of the Party Committee of the Public Security Bureau of the Prefecture, and director of the Political Department shall take charge of this matter. Wu Qiang visited the small room rent by Wang Shuzheng for several times to help him solve problems in life. At the same time, he got in touch with Sunshine Product Processing Plant, custom-made a set of processing equipment specifically for Wang Shuzheng according to his physical conditions, and arranged for staff member with excellent techniques to carry out training on him. After the baseball sowing technique of Wang Shuzheng could meet the requirements, the factory opened green passage for him, allowing him to process in his own rented room. The policeman from Xiaowei Village took responsibility to deliver materials for him to process in his home, and helped him to hand in the finished products and settle wages. Today, Wang Shuzheng can support himself with his own labor and felt the joy of self-reliance.

As of September 2012, the number of drug rehab people in Qiannan Prefecture at the consolidation stage reached 1,184, a net increase of 825 people compared with the second quarter of 2008; the number of drug rehab people in Duyun City consolidated for more than three years rose up to 425, accounting for 36% of the total number in the Prefecture. Most of these once received labor recovery exercises in “Sunshine Product Processing Plant”.

Data are often dull enumeration. However, behind each figure, there is a condensation of the hard effort and devotion of the government and the enterprises, a condensation of genuine affections, humanistic love, highest respect for life, and infinite care. The return of 1,184 people further added social stability factor.

As the spring breeze in February that melts the snow, Qiannan Prefecture is determined to call back the sunshine. In November 2011, the National Narcotics Control Commission held an on-the-spot meeting in Guiyang City for national community-based drug rehabilitation work and decided to promote the experience of the “Sunshine Project” to the whole county. The exploratory practice initiated and established by Qiannan Prefecture for the job placement of the drug rehab people has now grown into the “Sunshine Project” universally carried out across China.

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