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Qiannan Prefecture: Determined to Call Back the Sunshine (10)

(People's Daily Online)

16:03, January 04, 2013

Various counties (cities) under Qiannan Prefecture consequently set off an upsurge for the construction nof the “Sunshine Project”. As of the end of August, the governments of various counties (cities) under Qiannan Prefecture have input a total of 6,132,400 yuan construction funds into the project, and provided 114,045 square meters of factory buildings free of charge. A total of 14 “Sunshine Enterprises” up to the designated scale have been built in the prefecture, completing the tasks quota by 100%, and taking the lead in the whole province for completion of the tasks. Various counties (cities) of the Prefecture also relied on the construction of the “Sunshine Project” to strength scattered placement, public welfare placement, self-employment, and independent job-hunting, and placed a total of 636 people of the special groups including 572 drug addicts.

Behind these data, we are pleasantly surprised to see that in the “Sunshine Factories” in Qiannan Prefecture, real and touching stories are happening every day.

Jin Anhua currently holds the office as director of center community of Wengshui Street in Weng’an County. In early February of this year, the usually gentle Jin Anhua had a quarrel with his wife. The cause of the quarrel is that he wanted to use his family’s deposit for the preparation of the Sunshine Electronics Factory to be established in the community to help the drug addicts find employment.

His wife was very angry with this: “You were helping those drug addicts day and night. I did not oppose you. But this money is prepared for our daughter to go to college next year. Do you have the heart to move it?” Jin Anhua tried repeatedly to persuade his wife, saying it is still early and they will figure out another way. Finally, he insisted on withdrawing the money regardless of the objection of his wife and input the money into the community welfare cause.

In order to cut expenditures, Jin Anhua made employees’ work permits on his own effort, led colleagues in other communities to stucco the workshop, install the wires and lighting fixtures, and went to Duyun City Sunshine Factory to learn experiences at his own expenses on three occasions. March 20, 2012, the province’s first community founded Sunshine Electronics Factory – Sunshine Electronics Factory of Huazhu Community, Yongyang Town, Weng’an County (now renamed to Center Community Sunshine Electronics Factory) held its opening ceremony in Weng’an Vocational School.

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