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Qiannan Prefecture: Determined to Call Back the Sunshine (6)

(People's Daily Online)

16:03, January 04, 2013

Kong Fanjie was filled with distress and remorse for this matter. He solemnly stated in front of all the trainees: “the relapse of Tong Xifeng is not solely his own fault. We are also to blame because of imperfect management. After his compulsory treatment is successful, I will go and invite him to work here again. We cannot abandon him!”

In June 2008, Tong Xifeng was sent home again after successful compulsory drug treatment. Due to prolonged drug abuse, he suffered from tuberculosis and extreme physical weakness, and stayed at home all day long living on the meager retirement pension of his mother.

Kong Fanjie visited him to ask him to work in the factory again but Tong closed the door and dared not face him due to guilt. Kong Fanjie visited Tong twice without success. At the third time, he called on Jiang Shaoying to go together. Jiang Shaoying cooperated with the management of the factory after its establishment and know very well of the situation of Tong Xifeng, too.

That evening, the two came in front of the door of Tong Xifeng’s house. Like in the previous two times, Kong Fanjie called the door for a long time but Tong Xifeng would not go out. This time, Kong Fanjie was determined to bring Tong back. He said loudly outside the door: “Lao Tong! The factory director Jiang and I are both standing outside. We will not leave unless you open the door!”

Five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour, one hour… The two meant what they said and stood there all the time.

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