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Qiannan Prefecture: Determined to Call Back the Sunshine (4)

(People's Daily Online)

16:03, January 04, 2013

Since then, the addicts who work in the Baseball Processing Plant always receive subsidies from the municipal finance department for living allowance and to replenish the insufficient section of productivity. Each first-time learner of the ball-sewing technology would receive another 300 yuan of living expenses from the municipal financial department in the first month. AIDS patients who have achieved perfect attendance for work would in addition receive another 100 yuan of “Red Ribbon” award. For these subsidies alone, the municipal financial department inputs assistance and support funds of more than 1,000 yuan daily (more than 30,000 yuan monthly). A total of nearly 3 million yuan of subsidies has been granted by the municipal government so far since the establishment day of the Baseball Processing Plant.

Hu Xiaojian said for more than once at the meetings of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee: “the government must assume major responsibility for funding as well as staffing on the issue of anti-drug works and the rescue of the drug addicts.”

A single spark can start a prairie fire; love spreads like tide from the “Sunshine Factory”

When the Baseball Processing Plant was first established, Tong Xifeng immediately turned away and ran when the community policemen asked him to go to work. The policemen shouted behind him: “Tong Xifeng, stop running! The Mayor sent us! Do you remember the Mayor?”

“Mayor Hu?” Tong Xifeng did not fully believe. He had not forgotten the man who cordially talked to him for quite a while under the sun that day. After a tour in the factory led by the police, Tong said: “I trust Mayor Hu. But I don’t really believe this factory can help me. I will have a try and work here for a while.”

Only 15 trainees including Tong voluntarily entered the factory in the first batch and they all held the same mentality. The Narcotics Control Office of Duyun City sent the police man Kong Fanjie as the specific person in charge of the management of this batch of special employees. Kong Fanjie had been a policeman for nearly 20 years but didn’t feel easy at all when undertaking this responsibility. He was very much aware of the state of these drug-related personnel after working in the anti-drug frontline.

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