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Buddhist doctrine opposes self-immolation: top monks (3)

(China Daily)

13:36, December 15, 2012

Gumang Ngokse Gyatso, a lection teacher in Gyaltsen Monastery, said Buddhist doctrine says people should do things that are conducive to social stability and development and to the spreading of Tibetan Buddhism.

A group of backbone of younger monks has formed in Tibetan Buddhism's six sects, which has put the religion in a thriving position, said the eminent monk of Tibetan Buddhism's Gelug sect.

Jampa Chile, a lection teacher of Sera Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet's regional capital, pointed to Tibetan Buddhists' gains under the Chinese government and said, "I've benefited from the religious freedom policy."

All monasteries in Tibetan-inhabited regions have access to radio, television, electricity and drinking water, he said.

Sera Monastery, one of the three important temples of the Gelug sect, currently has 560 monks, all covered by medical insurance, Chile went on, adding the government donated more than 100 million yuan (about 16 million U.S. dollars) to maintain the monastery this year.

Palden Donyu likewise pointed out that the Sagya sect of Tibetan Buddhism had enough resources to hold two assemblies, one in summer and one in winter.

"Buddhism's followers and disciples should actively participate in building a harmonious society, which is in line with Buddhist doctrine and conducive to religious development," he added.

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